Comics 01:

Comic showing Rover the terror of the night, caught by police for worrying sheep by reading scary tales of shearing. Cover of comic cover three where Spud meets his match by being caught and tagged by two wily scientists from the Scottish Nature Conservancy Council. Comic page of McPhiz, Spud and super ranger part one - where McPhiz realises his super-powers by pulling on his balaclava and saying the magic word avalcalab and transforming into super ranger to catch a litter lout. McPhiz, Spud and super ranger part two where super ranger teaches the litter lout a lesson. Entirely outdated now. If you could see the detail of the litter, it features ring pulls which no longer exist. Nowadays they stay attached to the tin but in other tins the whole top of the tin is pulled off or it's plastic left at peoples arses. Comic page of Using a map and compass - in the actual physical version the details on the map are readable. And the whole thing can be used as an illustrated aid to teach people map reading. Comic page of McPhiz the countryside ranger going fishing and illustrates the need to collect your fishing line and save wildlife from distress - although the swan beats him up in the end. Alien lands and finds things are all foreign to him, a parable on people in our own countryside. Sadly there are more and more people increasingly becoming blinkered city dwellers and isolate themselves from the reality of what nature is like. Sticking their fingers in their ears to news of climate change and loudly going La La La La La. Gloria in a skimpy bikini giving Spud lessons on safe swimming outdoors. Gloria was deliberately drawn to wind up the female Scottish countryside rangers of which all were committed feminists and each and every one I knew. Gloria succeeded. And I suffered accordingly. Great fun.

These comics and comic characters – developed, written and drawn by myself – were commissioned to promote environmental awareness. Initially one for the Glasgow Garden Festival (way way back) and following its success two others were commissioned for consecutive years at the Royal Highland Show. Selected pages archived here to give them a life beyond their short paper based existence.