Lobey dosser

A fantastic Glasgow cartoonist Bud Neil created the universe inhabited by the sherrif Lobey Dosser with the two legged horse and his nemesis Rank Badjin. Bud Neil is one of my two earliest cartoonist heroes.
Bud Neill on the Lambeik comic site.

Flook by Trog.

Flook was a political satire strip with writers such as Compton Mackenzie, George Melly, Barry Took and illustrated by my other favourite cartoonist hero and one of the best caricature artists in the world. The great Wally Fawkes.
trag website

Jeff Hawke.

I also loved Jeff Hawke (Science Fiction) by the Dundonian Sydney Jordan. I was a huge fan of these three artists even when I was too young even to have learnt to read. These three greats were my first and greatest influences because they were in the newspapers my parents read.
Jeff hawke comic.

Chic Harper designs.

An ex colleague and great designer. His design of the Scottish Rugby logo particularly impressed me with its economy, effectiveness and simplicity. But it's only one of his many other great designs in a variety of areas. The latest being book design - in this digital age.
chic harper designs

Scottish Photographs

Excellent images taken by George Logan. Who also designs web sites.
Scottish photographs.

Scottish Nature Photography

Photographs by the father and son award winning team of Lorne and Fergus Gill.

Gill family wildlife photography.

Kenneth Malcolm.

An accomplished photographer and designer. Kenneth Malcolm web site.